Working remotely from the Island of God

UrRemote is providing an entry into offshoring for students of Udayana University, Bali.
Indonesia has not been regarded as a major offshoring destination but we aim to change that as the island paradise of Bali, with its large proportion of English speakers and excellent transport connections, is an ideal offshoring location. UrRemote is based in the Electrical Engineering Department of Udayana University and is managed by Ir. Lie Jasa, MT and represented in Australia by Dr Ken Taylor, Adjunct Fellow of the Australian National University, Canberra. 

UrRemote aims to offer opportunites for students to engage in internationally relevant research, engage in commercially sponsored research and development and gain experience in working remotely with overseas, principally Australian, organisations. 

Current sponsors include the fleet management company Mi-Trek and the Australian Computer Society. We are keen to expand our interactions with other organisations, particularly for sponsored projects. We are not available on public holidays.