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Movie Photo Slidr English

Movie Photo Slidr Project Planning

System feasibility

The assessment of the appropriateness of the system covered the standard of the appropriateness of an application. As for matters that became the assessment point was:

  • Scalability
Scalability was the capacity of an application in giving the performance on the whole, if one or several load factors was added. The loading factor generally covers the number of users, the number of datas that was arranged by the application, and the number of transactions. The performance could be seen from the number of burdens and the time response that was given by the application. The number of burdens was measured from the number of works that could be carried out by an application in the time limitation that was determined. Whereas the time response was the time hose that was needed between an user in asking for the process and accepting results that were asked for.
  • Availability
It was the capacity of application in providing the service in all the conditions that possibly happened. Could not be ignored that the program that most robust then sometimes could not provide the service. Then an application must be designed carefully so as the risk that happened for incidents that were not suspected of could be reduced. For example, an application must continue to be able to be used in his certain functions if one or several service could not operate, good that because of the improvement or the technical mistake happened.
  • Maintainability
It was the value of the ease of an application in the process of the improvement. A good application must be able to be improved easily. The true design and how far an application must in broke out to independent parts really helped in the improvement. Nearby that the process of the production of the code the good program and consistent good that in the matter of giving of the name of the variable, the function, the class or namespace, really will help in the improvement.
  • Security
It was the capacity of an application in guarding the security of privation and the authority of the service that was provided. Privation could be said as the application capacity in memanajemen the data that did not have the right to be accessed by the other user that still in a level. Whereas the authority was the capacity of an application in memanajemen the access right towards the function or the process according to the level of the user.

Sistem Design

The application will be designed in the form of the application of N-Tier that had a purpose to facilitate in the improvement, the development, increased availability and facilitated in the execution. As being pointed out to the picture along with:

Image:Component diagram.JPG
MPEG Slidr component diagram

Usecase Modelling Pahse 1st Level

In this phase will be explained what in fact the application Movie the Slidr photograph, everything the service that was provided and the interaction what could be done by the user. In this part also was done by the excavation towards the activities that possibly will happen and the determination of the condition breakingprep early and the condition for the end one usecase.

Image:Level atas usecase.JPG
Presentation level, usecase diagram

The picture above pointed out the interaction between the actor (user and sisop) and usecase-usecase in accordance with the service that was provided by the application. This system consist of four system boundry, their respective Explanation usecase for the diagram above was

Login media wiki activity diagram

Create Movie the process Channel to usecase Create Movie was as follows:
was done by the verification whether the actor already login or not yet, if not yet then was done pemanggilan usecase Login with the URL parameter from usecase create movie.
was provided form took the form of Wizzard that consist of 4 steps:
the Step 1, the determination of the image source
the Step 2, decisive seting the film that was made.
the Step 3, confirmation and summary the film.
the Step 4, the appearance of the process that was going.
this Process was carried out simultaneously by thread the Manager.
was done by the process of the validation against input the data that was given, if the data that diinputkan invalid then back to wizzard the step 1.
the Process of the validation including made the new name if the long name had been used.
was done request picture information to Flickr Mashup or Webjay Mashup depended the kind imagesource that was worn. In activity this was done by the verification towards the availability service Flickr and Webjay.
the Status of the film was recorded in database together with progress that was happening as for his status “OnPorgress, Failed, Complete” this was used to form Movie List. From information that was received was done by the compression of the data and download the picture in a real manner time.
was done by the process upload the film that has been made, to you the tube mashup, beforehand was done by the verification towards your availability the tube mashup, if service was not available then source was replaced to “local”. If the process upload the success then source was filled up with “you tube”.
All processes that be connected with mashup, was done cache in URL every time that had been visited. With life time that could be determined. The memory size to chace could be determined by sisop to usecase management the system.
as for the explanation more specific concerning usecase Create Movie will be explained with activity the diagram like that was shown to the picture along with: