Flash Installation

Install Flash 7 Plugin

Download Flash player 7 plugin for pocket pc from Adobe site

  1. Copy the flash installer file to the PDA through ActiveSync or other way
  2. Install the Flash player 7 plugin on PDA, by clicking the flash installer file

Get The Flash File

Connect your PDA through the ActiveSync or other way to copy the flash file
1. Copy this list of file below to a directory on the PDA(must on same directory)


2. Open the login.txt file to setting the username, password and IP address


Change "yourusername" and "yourpassword" with the account that already created 
fromĀ : "PDA0001" to "PDA1000".
Change "yourIPAddress" with the ip address from your machine (laptop).

Get The PDA Online

Make sure to turn on Wifi on the PDA

  1. On the setting menu of wifi connect the PDA to preferred host/server
  2. If it already connected, open the directory which is flash files placed
  3. On the flash file directory, click the index.html and it will bring the internet explorer with the flash interface on it
  4. Make sure the laptop is connected to LAN

Flash GUI Demo

1. Flash application booting screen

2. Flash application main menu screen

3. Flash application Voting main menu screen

4. Flash application vote selected screen

5. Flash application voting result screen

6. Flash application Feedback screen

7. Flash application writing feedback message screen

8. Flash application feedback successfull message sent screen

9. Flash application feedback view message screen

10. Flash application Presenter Bio screen

11. Flash application changing username form screen

12. Flash application successfull notification username change form screen

13. Flash application new username feedback message screen