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Comparison Of GPS Accuracy Between Four Android Handsets

Compare android handsets for GPS accuracy.
Place four handsets on a nonconductive surface approximately 1 metre above the ground on a sports oval. Run GPS Test and observe the number of satellites and accuracy. Take simultaneous samples by photographing the screens and collect time varying data by filming.
Handsets Tested

Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC
Google Nexus One

Sony Ericsson X10  Mini Pro

Google Nexus S
 Model Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC

Google Nexus OneSony Ericsson Xperia x10 mini proGoogle Nexus S
 Build   2.1 
Android Version    

Three handsets reported a position within a few seconds, the Xperia Arc took a few minutes which previous experience shows happens sometimes but not others. 

From a sample of 24 simultaneous readings 

  Average Number of Satellites Seen Percentage Used of Those Seen Percentage Standard Deviation of Satellites Seen Average Claimed Accuracy (metres) Standard Deviation of Claimed Accuracy  Standard Deviation of Claimed Accuracy as a Percentage of Claimed AccuracyError Change per Satellite Used (metres) Correlation Coefficient
 Nexus S    10.1 98 5.0 6.3 2.2 35-1.50  0.07 
 Nexus One 9.3 100 4.8      2.80.2 60.13   0.13
 X10 8.9   1007.3 2.5    1.143 -0.19 0.01
 ARC 5.8   100   10.2  4.3 1.6   38 -0.29   0.01