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Infolab Plus Offline Mode

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Preliminary Design Using USB Mode


InfoLab Plus is a web based system that allows the users to log submissions, enter test results and produce reports relating to disease outbreaks in animal populations. It is used for tracking of avian bird flu in Indonesia.

An offline system is data required that provides only the data entry functionality and which synchronizes entered data with the online version when connected to the internet. It will be run on public computers and should be unaffected by viruses or Trojans and should authenticate itself to the online version before uploading data and encrypt uploaded data.


Basically this system has 2 major modules to do all the processes which are:
  1. Module Entering Submission data.
  2. Module Synchronize data.
    • Upload component.
    • Download component.

Entering Data (Offline Mode)

Used for entering data into the local database. Data is entered using a web browser in a similar manner to the online Infolab plus. The architecture will be similar to an online system but will be run locally. The browser will connect to a local web server which will run the logic to update the local database with form data.

PC boots into USB mode. Use browser with similar interface to Infolab plus
to enter data into database.


Synchronize Databases

PC boots into USB mode. User clicks on button to synchronise databases.


Selecting the synchronise button causes the actions: upload test data records and download newest data for forms from InfoLab database(DB) server.

Synchronize Geographic Section LUTs Process (click for more explanation)

Login Process



User Interface

Overview page

Submission Workflow page

Data Entry Setup page

Data Entry page

Synchronise page

Note: No more page for Batch Entry setup. Setup and submitting data are all in one page.

21 Jan 2010, 19:29