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SurvitLite Project


Survit is a web-based survey design application for the purpose of constructing sophisticated veterinary epidemiological surveys. Survit-Lite will be the USB-based application. Survit-Lite to built in the Ruby on Rails application framework.

Survit-Lite Phase I

The first phase of the application will have the functionality of the relevant parts of the existing ASP.NET application Survit-Lite:
  • Design
  • Editing
  • Translation
  • Deleting
  • On-screen display of question-based surveys
The application will need to have a trilingual interface (English, Bahasa Indonesia and Lao) and be able to display the designed questions in the Lao font.

Design Layout for Survit-Lite

Site Map of Survit-Lite:

   '--- Design Survey
            '--- Add New Survey
                    '--- Manage Part/Section
                    '--- Manage Question
            '--- Edit a Survey
                    '--- Manage Part/Section
                    '--- Manage Question
            '--- Translate a Survey
            '--- Delete a Survey
   '--- View Survey

Main Page

  • Main Page of Survit-Lite