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Untethering The Queue

Generally, we prefer not to waste our precious time in queues. However, there are circumstances in which patience in a queue is required of us. Let us take an hypothetical case of depositing money in a bank, where we must patiently endure a long queue because there are many who would like to use the services of the bank as well. For most of us who find time to be of the essence, the length of time we spend in the queue can be problematic. In order to solve this problem, we need a system to automatically start and manage queues so that they become well-ordered, thereby reducing waiting time significantly.

Queserv is a web service that provides queuing services. Queserv will help you to solve your queuing problems. Queserv will provide services depending on what you need. Queserv uses modern popular technology which can currently be found to be in common use. Queserv provides queuing through phone calls, by SMS(Short Message Service) and by web.

  • By Call
    • Should the customer choose to queue through a phone call, the first piece of information they need is the telephone number that they must call.
      After calling this number, they will hear the busy tone, which indicates that they have successfully been placed in the queue.
      Soon afterwards, a text message from the system will arrive.
  • By SMS
    • Similar to the process of queuing by phone, queuing by SMS requires the customer to know the SMS number corrsponding to the company.
      Then they can send a text message with a determined SMS format, after which they will receive a reply from system confirming their position.
  • By Web
    • If the customer chooses to queue web, they will do so by selecting the company and the related services on the web. After making their choice, they will get a reply from system.

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