Sahana Day To Day Progress

Information provided as part of our Sahana deployment.

Day to day Progress

27 July 2006 (Thursday)

Added 32 Provinces of Indonesia to Sahana

20 July 2006 (Thursday)

Last night, IRS went to west Java to see the condition of the area that affected by Tsunami. Now we are preparing Sahana for new disaster management called "Sahana West Java Tsunami"

19 July 2006 (Wednesday)

New data for camp detail has been entered to the database.

18 July 2006 (Tuesday)

Today Gajah send 6 file in xls format. Files that Gajah sent is the newest data for camp detail for province of Yogyakarta and Middle Java. The camp data is regency of Yogyakarta, Gunung Kidul, Klaten, Kulon Progo, Magelang, and Sleman.

14 July 2006 (Friday)

Friends of Gajah who have tried Sahana have some suggestion about Sahana. They advice that the welcome screen of Sahana (Indonesian Version) should be have less sentence, it should right to the point, also it should has line that say "Sahana is a software that providing help in Disaster management after disaster strike". They also ask about GIS that integrated to Sahana, is it working? Since 12 July 2006 UrRemote has put instruction about GIS at add camp module. This information hopefully can answer some of their question.

13 July 2006 (Thursday)

Gajah just arrived from “Palu” to demonstrate Sahana to the local government of South Sulawesi. Hopefully Sahana can be deployed there when disasters strike.

12 July 2006 (Wednesday)

Add more information at "Camp Registration" when adding location to goggle map, before there is no information how to add new location using google map, we also fix some Indonesia translation and translate some word in database from English to Indonesian. This translation will be much better for Indonesian people.

11 July 2006 (Tuesday)

Fixing Indonesia language, for some translation is not correct; we also add new camp data to the database. Tom ask to change the background color for language menu from dark blue to white and change the text from white to black. We able to change the color by editing few lines at "\theme\default\sahana.css"

10 July 2006 (Monday)

Talk with Gajah about Sahana, we discuss that “required” mark from location need to be erased, because this can cause confusion. Actually the location doesn't need to be selected or not all the location data need to be selected. We edit few lines at “inc/” to remove the “required” mark.

4 July 2006 (Tuesday)

Puji (IRS Jogja) report to Gajah that Sahana has duplicated data (for villages). This little bug occurred because data of villages for some region is empty. This bug will vanish after we put data in it. Because all the data is not complete, Gajah and the team face problem when they try to insert data to Sahana. After Gajah get to his home this afternoon, he will send more data to UrRemote.

3 July 2006 (Monday)

Fixing Indonesia language, for some translation is not correct. Also added some line at /inc/

1 July 2006 (Saturday)

Gajah show Indonesian version of Sahana-Jogja to Puji (IRS Jogja), she like how Sahana works and what have contributed to Jogyakarta Earthquake. This version of Sahana along with the data in it will shown to local government of South Sulawesi - Indonesia, as a demonstration. Hopefully Sahana can be deployed there. Today Gajah has been asked to deliver 500 units of tents to refugee.

30 June 2006 (Friday)

We receive the compiled file from Sudheera. This Translation is working great, you can see it at this URL Sudheera tell us to compile this .po file we must use msgfmt program. We get this converter from gettext. More revision will send to Sudheera for better translation.

29 June 2006 (Thursday)

Sahana translation and beta revision for Indonesia Language is completed. This file is zipped and sent to Sudheera for compiling. Now we wait for the compiled file.

28 June 2006 (Wednesday)

By request from Gajah, Urremote sent the sql file of new Sahana through email. Database conversion of Sahana is success; we don't manually add location and camp information from the web page. But we open the database and study every structure of Sahana. By using "Insert into" generator, we able to insert a lot of data to the database directly, this will save a lot of time in the future when we receive more data. Because we successfully convert the database, new Sahana for Yogyakarta now at this URL: overwriting the old version of Sahana.

22 June 2006 (Thursday)

Gajah helped with the distribution of 3 tons of rice to remote village along with side dish for one month consumptions. This donation is from citizen all around Indonesia. The money is from donator, distributed by IWA and IRS in the form of meal, medicine and shelters. The language translation for Sahana is not completed yet. The language translation for Sahana is helped by Sudheera.

21 June 2006 (Wednesday)

Today Gajah delivered 75 tents (4m x 6m) to remote location. New version of Sahana had been installed at along with location detail that provided by Gajah. The language translation for Indonesia (bahasa) needs to be updated for this newer version of Sahana.

20 June 2006 (Tuesday)

After discussing with members of, our team decided to upgrade Sahana to newer version (sahana2-0.4.0-alpha). This decision will take some time to insert and make new data including with the upgrade of language module but with a lot of advantages from the newer version with new features, Sahana will be much more compatible with other disaster that occurred is Indonesia. Hopefully with this new version, Sahana will be a reliable system for disaster management in Indonesia.

19 June 2006 (Monday)

Resolving technical problems inserting large volume of location data into Sahana system with advice from Pradeepa from the Sahana Developers list.

17 June 2006 (Saturday)

Marking the location of villages with temporary shellter using GPS Garmin Legend C and the mapsource program but some difficulty in uploading to Sahana.

16 June 2006 (Friday)

Today, Luki, Gajah and Teddy discussing about the content of SAHANA that need to be updated using YM. UrRemote Team has finished inserting all the data to the SAHANA database for All Country. Gajah has provided data for major province in Indonesia, data for district that affected by earthquake and data for all villages at Boyolali district. UrRemote team has uploaded all the data today. The language translation is finished.

15 June 2006 (Thursday)

Today, UrRemote request Gajah to provide data of all area that affected by earthquake. Gajah will send all the data to UrRemote tonight. The language translation is almost finished.

13 June 2006 (Tuesday)

UrRemote Team provide support for installation of Sahana using Ultra VNC SC for another local copy of Sahana installation. Starting today UrRemote team prepared with the Language Translation from English to Indonesia.

10 June 2006 (Saturday)

Gajah and The Team have discuss with Research Center for seismology Volcanology and Disaster Mitigation Nagoya University and Institute Technology Bandung about Sahana Disaster Management. They will support to IRS and IWA for mapping of volcano and mitigation. Report from Gajah : Now in Jogjakarta mostly earthquake about 3 until 5 times a day and Merapi eruption until 3 km 5 - 10 times a day.

7 June 2006 (Wednesday)

Gajah has asked for urRemote team to help with local copy of Sahana installation. He also had questions about the webserver + mysql + php. Jogja office has communications installed and the UrRemote guys configure machines via VNC.

6 June 2006 (Tuesday)

The housing is indeed become a serious problem, especially when it rains. People stayed in the tents using grass mat, and even some of them use wet newspapers. For school children who lost their schools, they was helped by the construction of temporary tents from plastic Bagor. They have a passion to learn especially something that was taught by volunteers who had special interest to children.

For our office, we need to postpone to have a new office by Thursday, waiting for the availability of the place to be leased. We better wait because of the place that we about to lease has a broadband network which is a bit difficult to get in the area.

5 June 2006 (Monday)

Medical teams from overseas (Cuba, Mexico and Italy) entered the Klaten Regency to built big ‘hospital’ tents and to deliver immediate assistance to the injured people who since the first day of the earthquake, only got treated in emergency tents.

The teams have 56 members and also have the same facilities as in the public hospital. They use the “picked up the ball” strategy by visiting the areas that difficult to be accessed to give treatments. Actually, the government officially has stopped any help from foreign countries, but apparently they continue their works because this is a humanity mission that indeed could not be stopped at this time.

4 June 2006 (Sunday)

Up to the day 9 emergency stages, the support distribution to earthquake casualties continue to arrive. The distribution that indeed was not coordinated neatly, came from all over Indonesia.

Several provinces in Indonesia came and built command posts of food by establishing the public's kitchens in several places. While medical assistance, at the moment was focussed in rural areas (remote area) that had difficult to access, such as in the north of Klaten area, as the heaviest broken, after Bantul. Several 'hospital' tents that was built by people from foreign country, such as Qatar, currently, they was not exist anymore. They carried out the co-ordination with Satkorlak to help in the public hospital that needed the medial assistance. The Medical team from America did "picked up the ball" strategy as well, by visiting the injured people in affected villages.

3 June 2006 (Saturday)

A camp and a small office with broadband connection to upload and publish the data to public is ready. The camp and the broadband connection will be separated. The address of Sahana Team at Jogja is Jl Pelagan Tentara Pelajar No. 126 Yogyakarta.

The 12 people of Sahana Team, as they all have a very good Search and Rescue training, ready to do flying camp anytime anywhere at disaster region when it needed, while they collect the data.

The members have been distributed to several regions at Bantul, Klaten and Jogja to collect camp and victim data. We expect within 7 days from today, data can be uploaded to our sahana system at, so that everybody can use it and see the progress.

2 June 2006 (Friday)

7 people (IWA members) went to Jogja and start to setup Sahana system. They also brought some supplies and ready to provide immediate assistance. We expect tomorrow morning all of them (12 people) will have a short briefing and start to run a stand alone sahana system.

1 June 2006 (Thursday)

We have got a positive respond from Satkorlak as a province official unit of Bakornas PBP (Indonesian National Coordinating Agency for Natural Disaster and Refugees Relief) through sms and email that Satkorlak (Mr Bambang Susanto Priyohadi) gave permission for Sahana Team to deploy the Disaster Management Systems: Sahana system. The team will make contact and coordination with satkorlak and other organisations which operate on the ground when the system is ready.

31 May 2006 (Wednesday)

The Indonesian Health Department is also interested in getting involve with IWA and IRS for deployment of Sahana System. The idea is: after the camp and victim data is collected, and we find the area that urgently need help, we can make direct request to the Health Dept people to give assistance directly to the ground. Gajah, for the second time, will present Sahana system this afternoon to the office of Indonesian Health Department.

30 May 2006 (Tuesday)

Team consolidations among members in Jogja, Jakarta, Canberra and Bali by phone, skype, sms, email and messager. Meeting with the Director of ACS Communications Tech Board, Tom Worthington FACS HLM in Canberra to discuss about funding.

29 May 2006 (Monday)

Five IWA's members arrived on the ground, brought some supplies and have provided immediate assistance.

28 May 2006 (Sunday)

Preliminary discussion for deployment of Disaster Management System, i.e. Sahana system.

27 May 2006 (Saturday)

Based on official data at Satkorlak/Satlak Jogjakarta, a 5.9 Richter-Scale earthquake has shaken Yogyakarta and its surroundings at 05.55 am local time has killed 4,858 people and injured 33,852 people (till 2 June 2006).