Sahana Report For Symposium

Item Description Estimated Effort Estimated By Deadline Status Delayed Reason Latest News
Crate Abstract 1 week Luki October 14th 2006 DONE N/A N/A
Send Full Report to Symposium 2 Week (Estimated will Finish at 18 November 2006) Luki November 25th 2006 DONE Still no news from the Symposium, our paper is pass the selection or not  !!! confirmation received !!!
Send Paper to Mrs Dayu and Mr. Ken for review and correction 3 Days Luki November 25th 2006 DONE N/A N/A
Attend to Symposium for introducing Sahana 1 Day Luki December 9th 2006 CANCELED NO NEWS from the committee, even SMS and email had been sent to them for confirmation N/A