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Audience Response Mobile Phone Voting

An Audience Response System That Can Be Used From A Mobile Phone


This is a system for audience response where people no longer use a clicker pad to vote or respond to a question. People can vote and respond to a survey or a question using mobile phones by dialling or SMS. Alternatively a phone-based web browser or any other web browser can be used. There are five types of audience response surveys offered, which include surveys, quiz and text response.

We have a test installation that we use for development work. Try it out but don't expect it to be reliable as we use it for testing and are changing its functionality all the time. Ezicomms has an installation of the audience response system. Ezicomms is a company that facilitates and delivers services in conference technologies and uses this audience response mobile phone voting system. Ezicomms develops and sources new products and best practices from around the globe and delivers their clients the maximum opportunities offered by the latest innovations. To see the site, just click Ezicomms Phone Voting.

System Development

This Audience Response System is developed using WikiMedia CMS (Content Management System) with the PHP language. The system also works together with an SMS Gateway for the Text Response and a Telephone Number Provider for the Surveys. Anyone who wants to create a survey must have an account, the creation of which is free.

Simple Surveys

Simple surveys are the most frequently used; they contain a question and a number of options for the answers. The survey can be customised in in a number of ways -- for example, to allow only a single vote from each handset using callerID or allow unlimited votes. The survey will finish after a set time which can be customised by the survey creator. Alternatively, the survey creator can stop it any time. The result will be displayed as a graph and it will be displayed in two ways, in the same window or full-screen. The audience responds to a survey question by merely ringing a different number for every answer option, but the call will not be answered. Therefore, the audience will not be charged for the call they make. Below is a figure of an example of a survey:


Quizzes are bit different from a simple survey. The result will be displayed beside each answer. It will show the percentage of people who answered correctly. Here the audience also responds to a question by ringing a phone number or by using a browser in the same way as a survey. There is also a time limit. The difference is that, here, there is a correct answer to the question. Below you can see an example of a quiz:

Text Response

A third survey type is text response. Here the audience responds to a question by messaging free text. The system uses an sms gateway to receive the message. The system then displays chosen messages to the audience. In this application, there is also a time limit, which can be customised by the creator. The creator will only create a question and customise a few other options and the audience can respond through SMS or a web browser. Below are figures before someone responds to a question and after someone responds to a question: