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Delivery of remotely logged soil moisture

Hussat is a company that provides a soil moisture monitoring service for farmers.

The service uses a combination of short- and long-range radio communication systems to automatically collect soil moisture measurements from the field to a database.

Hussat was seeking a way of delivering this information to farmers and approached us for advice. The requirements were:

  1. To present professional-looking web pages to farmers with an emphasis on simplicity.
  2. That some information be visible to all visitors.
  3. That some information be visible to all subscribing visitors.
  4. That information regarding a particular farm should only be visible to subscriber from that farm.
  5. That there be mechanism for customising pages for
  6. That there be a mechanism for two way communication.
  7. That there be a mechanism and for subscribers to provide information to other subscribers.

We recommended using MediaWiki, the system used on this web site and for Wikipedia as it was free open source software that could provide the required functionality with some modification. In particular, generating information about a farm that was dependent on the log in required some additions. This meant a wiki farm could not be used but a third party hosting provider that would allow you to run your own php code would be acceptable.

Following acceptance of this advice by Hussat we set up MediaWiki on a third party provider for Hussat, developed the first working version. We trained them in how this system worked and how to extend and develop it further. The system has now been in used successfully for many months and has been further enhanced by Hussat.

Hussat's wireless microloggers, with low power requirements are installed above the soil moisture sensors, log the data and transmit it up to 3 km to a basestation. Using long-range radios the basestation then relays data collected from all the microloggers within range to the internet for viewing, making it immediately available.

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