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Mi-Trek GPS Module.

Providing communications module for new Mi-Trek tracking unit. *Mi-Trek is a vehicle tracking company based in Canberra, Australia. * Mi-Trek Website


Mitrek Backend Server is program that run under java to do monitoring against the vehicle that was installed new Mitrek GPS Unit.This program will listening messages that was sent by GPS Unit.

The program carried out communication with Mitrek GPS unit through the GPRS network, with specified port and ip address.


Mitrek Backend Server was built from a group of interface. This group has a work relationship each other.
The interfaces are:

  • Socket Listener Interface.
  • Device Handler Manager Interface.
  • Device Handler Interface.
  • Command Relay Interface.
  • Persistent Interface.
Socket Listener Interface

Socket Listener interface is an interface that handle a connection request from the device. Once this interface accepts a request from GPS device, this interface will open a socket for communication process with the device. Then Socket Listener Interface will associate the device with a Device Handler Interface.

Device Handler Manager Interface

Device Handler Manager Interface is interfaces that manage all the Device Handler Interface.

Device Handler Interface

Device Handler Interface is an interface that handle all the process that related with the GPS device including receive all the message response from device, send the command message to the device and maintain the connection between the server and the device.

Command Relay Interface

Command Relay Interface is interfaces that send command message to the device by routed the command message to the right device. Basically, this interface poll the command message that already stored in the database and then construct the command and send it.

Persistent Interface

Persistent Interface is an interface that handles storing process for the incoming message and outgoing message to the database.

The Mitrek backend server connected to installed GPS device on the truck through the GPRS network connection. Once the GPS device turned on, the device connected to the host server and requested for a new connection. Socket Listener interface will handle this request from the device. Socket Listener will accept this request and then this interface will make a new socket connection through the client (in this case the GPS device) and associated this socket with a new Device Handler interface. The Device Handler Manager interface will take this new device handler interface and put it into the list of device handler that still connected to the device. This device manager manages this entire device handler.

The Device Handler interface handles the connection through the client and manages the receiving and sending process through the client. When the client sent report message in an interval time, this interface will construct this message into a report message and send it to the Persistent interface. This persistent interface will store the report massage to the database. As a feedback, the device handler interface sends an acknowledgement message to the client so that the client knows that the server is still running at that moment.

When the users want to send a message to the client, they have to create a command message and then store this message in the database. The Command Relay interface will take an action for this process. This interface will poll the message from the database in an interval time and then construct this message into a command message. Then this interface route this command to the right device by using the Device Handler Manager interface for the routing process.


  • Show list device that connected to backend server and summary about the message receive and send out from and to device.Connection status in each device was depicted with the arrow. If the arrow above was green then device in the situation connected to server, and if the red arrow appear then device is not in the active situation
device monitoring in Mitrek backend server

  • Send command to device. Mitrek backend server can send message to device that already connected to server. Message type that backend server can send is query message and Setter message. Query message is message send to device to get specific device setting example : GPRS setting or Report interval setting. All command is already define in Mitrek Comand user interface.
command type in Mitrek command user interface

command setter in Mitrek command user interface

  • Show List of receive message that sent by devices.
list incoming message in Mitrek backend server

  • Show List of sent message by server.
list outgoing message in Mitrek backend server