Control Guideline for Second Life

1. Control the Avatar

To move the avatar, please press key  or  to move forward, backward, right and left.

2. Control the Model Robot Arm

        • Please hold left click the mouse on the centre of model Black pointer (“X” symbol on the pic.2) and drag to forward, backward, right and left by moving the mouse.
        • Please hold key ctrl on keyboard + hold left click the mouse and move the mouse forward and backward to make the pointer to go up and down.
        • The command will be sent after you leave your finger from the mouse and move the real robot arm. (The video streaming is provided beside the model – pic.2 and pic.3).
        • Click on the video streaming screen to get more interaction with the model position.


                                Pic . 1

Pic .2                                                    Pic.3

Note : Please click on the white board if the video streaming doesn’t play.
(Video streaming only works on ScondLife Viewer Version.1)

3.    Show MENU, click brown (button) in red box as shown below



                MENU : (pic.4)

-    “Rock”                        : to import model rock into the SL world, if pressed will slowly appear
-    “default position”          : to make the model move to default position
-    “reset”                        : to re-calibrate new position of model robot arm
-    “Connect to server” ( pic.5)
        •    on haptic  for connect with the real robot
        •    off haptic  for to disconnect with the real robot 
        •    Back  for back to Menu                    

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