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Dr Ken Taylor


Ken has a background in mechanical engineering and computer science. He has worked extensively in railways, in the mining industry and conducted research in teleoperation and mobile computing.

Key Skills

  • Remote Control
  • Web Services
  • Mobile Computing
  • Information Systems for Sports Training

Professional Interests

Professional Memberships

Corporate Member Institution of Engineers, Australia

Academic Qualifications

2000 PhD University of Western Australia, Web Telerobotics: Reducing Complexity In Robotics.
1987 University of NSW BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Student Supervision

Current Umran Abdulla, Masters Project, Avocado Activity ClassifierInternational Islamic University of Malaysia/ANU
Current Bagus Manuaba, PhD, ANU.
Current Dingyun ZhuPhD, ANU.
2011 Wiryadi Sastraningrat, Undergraduate Thesis, Udayana University
2011 Filya Mustikawati,  Undergraduate Thesis, Udayana University
2011 Adi Swandani,  Undergraduate Thesis, Udayana University
2010 Stéphane Bersot, Masters Thesis, Situated Virtual Reality for Telerobotic Control, 'Arts et Métiers (ParisTech - France)/ANU
2010 Ying Yi Chen, Masters Thesis, Taxishare client on Google Android Platform, ANU
2010 Melvin Yong, Masters Thesis TaxiShare Client on Windows Mobile Platform, ANU
2009 Florian Nebout, Masters Thesis, Hand Gesture Tracking Based Interface for Robot Control, Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon, ANU, 
2008 Christopher Van SchaijikHonours dissertation, "Teleoperation of Mining Equipment Utilising Computer Game Virtual Environments". University of Western Australia 2008
2008 Riza HisamuddinUndergraduate Thesis, Udayana University 
2008 Ida Bagus Manuaba, Undergraduate Thesis, Udayana University
2007 Ariston Darmayuda, Undergraduate Thesis, Udayana University
2006 Ketut Sandiarsa, Undergraduate Thesis, Udayana University
2006 Made Joni Arta, Undergraduate Thesis, Udayana University
2006 Teddy Manturo Doctoral student, ANU
2005 Kevin Mayer Doctoral student, ANU
2005 Jun Ma Masters project, ANU
2004 Prabhath Chinthaka Waduge Masters project, ANU
2004 Adam Wood 4th year project, ANU
2003 Hailun Tan Masters project, ANU
2002 Kevin Mayer Engineering Honors Thesis, ANU
2002 Lukas Tan Engineering Honors Thesis, ANU
2002 Chris Day 4th year project, ANU
2002 Daniel Brogan 4th year project, ANU
2002 Thong Ma 4th year project, ANU
2001 James Sinclair Engineering Honors Thesis, ANU
2000 Colin Thomsen Engineering Honors Thesis, ANU

Science Citizenship

2006 Appointment as Honorary Research Fellow Udayana University, Indonesia
2005 Appointment as visiting Fellow at Australian National University
2003-2005 Teaching Teleoperation and Mobile Computing Course at Australian National University
2002-2004 Lecturing in XML and Web Services at ANU


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