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Wiryadi Sastraningrat


His full Balinese name is Putu Wiryadi Sastraningrat, but most people know him as Dodok. He started to show interest to the web development since high school. His passion is to build humane web applications. He believes that a software should be easy to operate instead of making it more complicated by adding unnecessary steps or elements. Yes, he is an user experience die hard. To keep everything simple yet powerful is one of his motto.

He has expertise in using Ruby on Rails and other framework for supporting his web application development such us jQuery, twitter bootstrap and foundation (zurb). He likes to explore any possibility to use open-source in his projects. Day to day he always try to improve his programming skills to meet world-wide standard and hoping someday he can contribute in any open-source project.

He also has some experiences in building tele-robotic user interface using gaming engine. He was involved in a  tele-robotic project and took part in implementing 3D virtual gaming engine called Second Life to be used as tele-robotic user interface for miniature model of Rockbreaker robot. This project was also his undergraduate thesis.

He is interested to new technologies, gadgets, graphic designs, comics, playing guitar and drum as well as doing outdoor sports like cycling and trekking. He knows some beautiful places for cycling and trekking in Bali.

Key Skills

  • Web Application Development (PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Database Design (SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • UX Design / Graphic Design (CSS, Photoshop, Flash Animation)
  • Tele-robotic user interface using Second Life's LSL (Linden Script Language)



  • Mixed Reality in Teleoperation Using Gaming Engine: Second Life